Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter Frequently Asked Questions:
Learn more about the economically-priced Rx-4 electronic pill counter, which comes with a No-Risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

How much does the Rx-4 cost?

Economically priced, the Rx-4 automatic counter is less than half the cost of other tablet and capsule counting machines. And the Rx-4 is backed by a full, one-year warranty on parts and labor.

Can I try the Rx-4 in my pharmacy (or laboratory) before I purchase it?

Every Rx-4 automatic tablet and capsule counter comes with a No-Risk, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So while we don’t offer machines solely for testing purposes, you can rest assured that if the Rx-4 does not satisfy your needs within the first 30 days from the date of purchase, simply return it to us for a full refund.

How does the Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter work?

The Rx-4 uses a rotating disc to feed tablets and capsules past the advanced infrared sensing unit. This allows for fast, accurate, hands-free counting.

Is the Rx-4 accurate?

When used as described in the Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter operator’s manual, the Rx-4 simply will not miscount. Rx Count’s patented gate-flow design specifically eliminates the possibility of tablet and capsule miscounts.

How fast does the Rx-4 count tablets and capsules?

The Rx-4 will automatically count round, aspirin-size tablets at a rate of approximately 500 per minute and will automatically count capsules at approximately 350 per minute.

Does the Rx-4 require calibration?

No — simply set up the Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter in your workspace, plug it in to a power source and you are ready to begin counting!

Can the Rx-4 count any pill size or shape?

The Rx-4 is specifically designed to accept any size or shape of medication. From tiny Saccharin-size tablets to large 000-size capsules, the Rx-4 will provide fast and accurate counts.

How many tablets or capsules can the Rx-4 counting machine hold?

The Rx-4’s capacity varies based on the size of the tablet or capsule being counted, but the approximate capacity of the disc surface is 350 pills.

Can the Rx-4 dispense tablets and capsules directly into a vial?

Yes — the Rx-4 has a handy vial drawer that will allow the operator to dispense medication into numerous types of receptacles, including prescription vials, bottles, bags, or cups.

Is the Rx-4 sanitary?

Yes — the Rx-4 automatic counter is constructed using only FDA-approved, food grade quality plastics. Cross-contamination is easily prevented with regular cleaning according to directions included in the Rx-4 operator’s manual.

Is the Rx-4 easy to clean?

Yes. The main surfaces of the Rx-4 that contact tablets and capsules are easily removed and simple to clean with a brush or a damp paper towel, cloth or alcohol pad.

What if the Rx-4 experiences a problem after its warranty has expired?

Rx Count Corporation has been in business since 1967 — and we pride ourselves on providing the best, most advanced automated counting products and superior customer service. If your Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter experiences problems with functionality, call us toll-free at 800- 766-8311 in the U.S. or 1-949-250-4225 outside the U.S. or e-mail us at service@rxcount.com to speak to one of our knowledgeable service representatives and/or to arrange a return. Once received, we will evaluate your Rx-4 automatic counter and contact with you with a repair estimate or other information. You may also choose to purchase our Rx-4 Annual Service Plan. Please contact us for details.