FAQ: RXF Automated Medication Storage

How much does it cost?

Tentatively priced at $12,000.00, and made in the USA. These RXF automated delivery machines are approximately 1/10 the cost of other automated medication prescription delivery machines,and every machine is backed by a full, one-year warranty on parts & labor.

How does the RXF work?

RXF machines are fully automated. When a medication is selected the machine rotates a carousel with a series of disks each containing(12) to (20) bottles, boxes or tubes. The carousel then automatically stops and the door opens with the medication ready to grasp in ONLY FOUR seconds.

Is the RXF reliable?

Yes! 100%. Security is assured since every container must pass a barcode reader before being placed back into the machine. If not done the machine will not accept the container and a warning is displayed on the control screen.

How fast does the RXF deliver the container?

Approximately 3 to 5 seconds

Is there any calibration required?

No. Everything is controlled automatically.

What types of containers can the RXF store?

Bottles, Boxes, Tubes and Ointments

How many containers does the RXF store?

Model RXF-48

How many containers does the RXF store?

Model RXF-48 48 large size bottles or containers Model RXF-120 120 small size bottles or containers

Can I dispense directly into a vial?

No! The RXF machine only delivers bottles of containers to the door. The next step is the pour pills onto any counting machine and when the count is complete, return excess pills into the bottle and return the bottle to the door and make the next seletcion.