Future Products

RXF-120: Stores up to 120 different medications in small bottles or containers.
RXF-48: Stores up to 48 different medications in large bottles or containers.

To operate simply select any prescription on the control screen and the medication container, bottle, box, or tube will appear at the door in approximately 4 seconds.

The next step is to pour a quantity of pills onto a counting machine, and when counting is complete, pour any excess pills back into the bottle and return the bottle past the barcode scanner into the shelf and select the next medication. The door will close and the next medication will appear at the door in approximately 4 seconds.

RXF machines can be setup with an ‘Rx-4 Counting Machine’ or any other counting machine to provide a fully functional automated system for complete filling of up to 500 prescriptions per day.

RXF Machine Values:

  • Bar Code security verifies all medications
  • Lower cost automated machine than competitors
  • Immediate access from 48 to 120 medications
  • Prescription filling labor cost significantly reduced
  • Potential reduction of insurance risk profile
  • Viewable inventories of machine and reserves
  • Can store bottles, boxes, tubes, inhalers or liquids
  • Quick delivery time of 4 seconds
  • Small footprint size: Only 24″ x 28″ x 42″ high
  • Operated via easy to use Touch Control screen

Automated Pill Delivery Machine

Automated Pill Delivery Machine

RXF Features and Specifications

  • Capability RxF-48 Stores 48 medications in large size bottles, boxes or tubes
  • RxF-120 Stores medications in small size bottles, boxes, or tubes
  • Speed Medication container delivered in approx’ 4 seconds
  • Control Integrated Touch Screen
  • Security Code lock to machine interior
  • Login Access to Controls
  • Polycarbonate Cabinet
  • Construction Metal Frame with High Strength Polycarbonate Cabinet
  • Dimensions Height: 42″ Width: 28 ” Depth: 24″
  • Weight 120 lbs.
  • Voltage Available in 110 volt and 220 volt models
  • Warranty 1 Year, Parts and Labor
  • 3.5.1 How RXF Machines Work

RXF Machines are EASY TO USE!

RXF Machines are Automated Rotary Carousel Systems designed to rapidly deliver of containers with medications to a door for immediate access.


RXF-48 and RXF-120 Machines deliver any selected bottle or container to the access door in 3 to 5 seconds.


All types of Bottles, Boxes or Tubes can be SECURELY stored and accessed rapidly.


RXF machines are designed to offer reliable SECURE STORAGE with fast delivery at far lower cost than other automated machines.

RXF Machines feature immediate ease of use without any training from the moment of switching on:


  • Click a Store ‘New’ Medication Screen
  • Pass container by the Bar Code Scanner.
  • A door will open
  • Place medication in the shelf space
  • Press OK
  • Repeat for other containers


  • Touch any selected Prescription on the control screen
  • A Door opens with the Medication in 3 to 5 SECONDS
  • Process or count selection with a counting machine
  • To return: Pass container by the Scanner
  • The Door will automatically open
  • Place container in the shelf space
  • The Door will then automatically close in 3 to 5 seconds
  • Touch the next selected Prescription


  • Easy to Understand and Operate
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Requires Only SIX Square Feet of Space
  • Low Cost or Lease
  • Made in the USA