How It Works

It’s simple. Place any quantity of tablets or capsules on the Rx-4’s turntable disc surface, enter-in the counting mode and desired quantity on the keypad, press “Start” and let the Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter do the rest.

The Rx-4 is fast — counting tablets and capsules at a rate of up to 500 pills per minute — and accurate, virtually eliminating miscounts.

The Rx-4 features three counting modes to perform any counting task:


Simply enter the quantity and the designated number of tablets or capsules is dispensed into the top collection drawer. When the drawer is removed, excess tablets or capsules on the disc surface are automatically deposited into the bottom drawer for return to inventory.


Ideal for pre-packing and filling multiple medication vials with the same tablets or capsules. Enter the desired per-vial quantity and excess tablets or capsules will remain on the turntable for continuous dispensing. Use the included vial drawer attachment for Direct Vial Filling.


Simply press the “Start” button and the Rx-4 will count all inventory on the turntable. This is particularly useful at month-end, or in instances where medical examiners or coroners need to inventory product left behind.