Rx-4 Tablet & Capsule Counter for Rehabilitation and Recovery Facilities

Rehabilitation facilities and recovery facilities use the Rx-4 Tablet & Capsule Counter to reliably dispense tablets and capsules.

When counting pharmaceuticals in an institutional setting such as a rehabilitation facility, speed and accuracy are both essential. The Rx-4 solves the challenge of quickly and accurately dispensing prescriptions to patients and clients, and easily performing inventory counts.

Ensuring that your pharmacists are able to quickly dispense tablets and capsules to patients is critical both to manage costs as well as ensure patient safety. With resources more stressed than ever, your facility needs a reliable method to ensure that you are serving your patients optimally. With a 99.97% accuracy rate, the Rx-4 is proven to not make counting errors – plain and simple.

Accurate counting will assist your patients in staying compliant with their drug regimens. It will also give your patients confidence in the fact that your facility has their best interest at heart and is truly a partner in their recovery.

With an affordable base price, the Rx-4 is the ideal tablet and capsule counting solutions for rehab facilities and institutions of all sizes. Purchase one online or contact us today to learn more!

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