Rave Reviews

Don’t just take it from us… here’s what our valued customers are saying about the Rx-4!

I would definitely recommend the Rx-4. When making our prepacked vials, the Rx-4 cuts down on time and eliminates errors. The adjustable speed dial is great! Depending on the tablet size the speed can either be increased or decreased, the dial on the side is both very easy and functional to use. It also comes with a vial funnel and catcher to accommodate the users needs, minimize errors, and provides the utmost efficiency.

Kristina, Pharmacist, Delray Beach, FL

We would recommend the pill counter. It has helped increase our efficiency dramatically. If there is a discrepancy, we can use the pill counter to quickly determine the issue. The pill counter has streamlined our inventory physical counts, including the controlled substance counts. It has drastically cut counting time and allows for better use of our time instead of counting pills by hand or an app. We like that it can count a large quantity of pills rather quickly and that it can count many different medication shapes without issue.

Kelly, Veterinarian, St. John, IN

The Rx-4 makes counting for either inventory or prescriptions fast and accurate. It saves us time and the staff really enjoys using the Rx-4. We have had it for several years and it has been a workhorse for us.

Peter, Veterinarian, Fremont, NH

The ease of using the Rx-4 is very convenient. If you are looking for a nice easy to use system, I would definitely recommend the Rx-4. Also, Rx Count has provided very excellent customer support. The response time was outstanding and I got the answers I needed.

Harland, Pharmacy Tech, Hill AFB, UT

In an industry where accuracy and efficiency are crucial, I have found the Rx-4 Automatic Tablet & Capsule Counter to be a game changer. Its compact design ensures it can easily fit on any counter-top, but don’t be fooled by its size, this device is incredibly capable. What I appreciate the most about the Rx-4 is its speed and precision, it’s always spot-on accurate. Whether filling single or multiple vials, or conducting an inventory count, the Rx-4 handles it all with ease. I am also impressed with its compatibility. We’ve found it works with all of the various tablets, capsules, and soft-gels we stock. Its versatility has made it an irreplaceable tool in our operations. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Rx-4 to others in the healthcare industry. It’s a worthwhile investment that offers efficiency, accuracy, and peace of mind – something that every pharmacy, hospital, or health clinic could benefit from. Overall, the Rx-4 has exceeded our expectations and has truly become a cornerstone of our operations.

Jake, Managing Director, Glendale, CA

I would recommend the Rx-4 to any doctor’s office who dispenses medication on a daily basis. Pill counting by hand on a daily basis is a time drain and resource drain. Not with the Rx-4. Hundreds of pills can be counted in a few short minutes, and the convenient trays to dispense into a standard pill bottle is also helpful. The Rx-4 is dependable, often just needing a dusting wipe to remain at top performance. The Rx-4 counts tabs and capsules quickly, it is easy to use, easy to clean, and lends a high degree of professionalism to our medication room. The patients are always impressed how quickly and accurately we can dispense bottles of medication for multiple months in a few short minutes. The unit is also fairly compact, allowing us to maximize space.

Jeff, Direct Primary Care Physician, Ann Arbor, MI

We purchased an RX-4 pill counting machine many years ago for our inventory specialists to help speed up our inventory control process. We loved it so much that we purchased a second unit for our nursing staff to use to aid in better accuracy when dispensing medications. The RX-4 is extremely easy to use and provides accurate counts when used as instructed. There is minimal maintenance required and very little that can go wrong with the unit. Over the years, one unit seemed to be having some issues moving the counting plate around, I called RX count and they were immediately able to diagnose the issue and promptly sent out the parts needed for repair. The parts arrived within a couple days and switching them out was extremely simple and only took a few minutes. I had comfort in performing these repairs knowing that a fabulous support system was just a phone call away. I highly recommend the RX-4 to anyone looking for a reliable, simple to use medication counting machine. It will provide you with many years of accurate counts and minimal maintenance.

Lisa, Veterinarian, Norristown, PA