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Adam James


From deployed pharmacists and military medics to ER clinicians and Coroners labs, the Rx-4 Tablet and Capsule Counter improves efficiency, reduces time, and saves money for pill counters in high pressure situations.

Pharmacists possess unique skills to manage stress, make decisions, and stay flexible in tough environments. A single error can alter patient progress, create dirty data for a healthcare report, compromise a drug overdose case, and even jeopardize their career.

Adding in the extra layer of treating patients in disaster relief areas, government field offices, or remote locations is hard enough without the worry of inventory miscounts, mediation mix-ups, and dosage mistakes.

“Accurate pill counting is a foundational aspect of pharmacy practice that becomes even more complicated in high pressure settings when time and hands to help are scarce,” said a military pharmacist who asked not to be identified. “Using automated, reliable pill counters like the Rx-4 has a positive effect on staff confidence, patient safety, operational efficiency, and the overall effectiveness of healthcare delivery in compromised settings.”

Professionals who count, track, and administer medications are well-versed on hundreds of drug types, their interactions, and processing requirements. Their work demands the consistency only a pill counter like the Rx-4 can provide.

Whether in a war torn field, aircraft carrier, prison ward clinic, or investigative crime scene lab, every second (and pill) matters. Accuracy and speed ensures safety and promotes good logistics management. For real-time patient care, pill counters keep the emphasis on treatment plan compliance and improving health outcomes.

The Rx-4 is portable, weighs only 7 lbs., and accurately counts virtually all shapes & sizes of tablets, capsules, and soft-gels at speeds up to 500 pills per minute. Those responsible for medication cannot afford to be without the speed, accuracy, and convenience the Rx-4 provides.

The Rx-4 is backed by a One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a no questions asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Call 1-800-766-8311 or visit for information.