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Adam James


Fast and Accurate Pill Counters for Rehabilitation and Recovery Centers

Rehabilitation and recovery centers, also known as treatment centers, are anchored in humility and service. Relied upon for trust and superior levels of care, mistakes with medication cannot happen.

When a treatment plan involves tablet and capsule dispensing, the priorities of patients and the centers that care for them directly align. Pill counting is a critical aspect of successfully-run facilities, daily regimens, and patient services. Medication safety, accuracy, and timeliness play a vital part in the forward progress of care.

The Rx-4 Tablet and Capsule Counter minimizes dispensing errors, ensures precise supply stocking, and simplifies inventory management. Saving time, reducing risk, and lowering costs allow rehabilitation and recovery center staff to focus on delivering better patient care, enhancing patient confidence, and increasing overall satisfaction.

Quality You Can Count On

The Rx-4 is fast and accurate counting at speeds up to 500 pills per minute. The easy-to-use Rx-4 is ready to count right out of the box and the compact design fits into any countertop workstation.

Supporting a facility’s compliance requirements and processes to keep patients on track with prescriptions, the Rx-4 automatic pill counter takes the pressure off staff caring for patients 24×7. It also provides comfort for patients and families to know the center has a repeatable, standardized system to stay on top of medications.

See how error-free pill counting has drastically improved the well-being of patients, as well as the treatment facilities they turn to for help. Try the affordable Rx-4 risk free for 30 days and take advantage of our no questions asked 1-year service contract. Call 1-800-766-8311 or visit for more information.