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Adam James


Imagine vet techs and pharma clinicians sorting thousands of pills with a spatula! Believe it or not, this is still common practice today. Antiquated manual pill counting, clumsy tools, and slotted boards have been primary methods to separate and count medications for over a century.

Thankfully, automated counters have revolutionized the ability to track, sort, and dispense pills of all shapes and sizes, in any environment. Most importantly, correct, fast, and safe medication handling has had a direct positive effect on patient health and treatment outcomes.

The Rx-4 Tablet and Capsule Counter improves efficiency, reduces time, and saves money. Accuracy and speed make compliance, inventory management, and health outcomes top priorities.

Weighing only 7 lbs., the Rx-4 is capable of counting over 95% of tablets, capsules, and soft-gels up to a rate of 500 pills per minute. Advanced sensor technology virtually eliminates miscounts. Easy to clean and store, the Rx-4 requires no human contact with medication and fits neatly on a countertop, in a transport vehicle, or on the ground out in the field.

Veterinarians at NVA Animal Hospitals and Sea World, retailers like CVS, and educational institutions including Johns Hopkins and Duke University trust Rx Count for easy, automated tablet and capsule counting solutions. Features include:

Three counting modes for single and multiple vial prescription fills, and inventory counting.

  • Foot Pedal with remote start for even greater hands-free, high volume, repetitive dispensing.
  • Speed Control for the turntable to increase/decrease dispensing and counting times based on medication size.
  • Automatic Gate intelligently adjusts the opening for different pill shapes and sizes.
  • Large Pill Sensor Cover for large chewable tablets often prescribed by veterinarians

The Rx-4 is risk free for 30 days and comes with a One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Call 1-800-766-8311 or visit for information.