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Adam James


Fast. Frugal. Functional.

Whether a veterinary practice, research lab, pharma team, or anyone distributing medication, the Rx-4 Tablet and Capsule Counter saves time and money by virtually eliminating miscounts. Its compact design (only 7 lbs.) fits any countertop and accommodates nearly all shapes & sizes of tablets, capsules, and soft-gels.

Adjustable turntable speeds, an automatic gate, hands-free foot pedal option, and sensor technology are a few features to easily and accurately count up to 500 pills per minute. The easy-to-use Rx-4 features three counting modes:

  • Single Mode (SGL): enter quantity on the display and the designated number of pills dispenses into the upper collection drawer. When the drawer is removed, excess pills drop to the bottom drawer for inventory return.
  • Multiple Mode (MULTI): for pre-packing and filling multiple medication vials, bottles, or any other receptacle with the same tablets or capsules. Simply enter the desired per-vial quantity on the display and dispense the desired quantity as many times as needed.
  • Inventory Mode (INV): press “Start” and the Rx-4 counts all pills on the turntable. This is useful for inventory and verification counts.

Purchasing the Rx-4 not only saves staff time and ensures operational efficiency; it results in tax savings, too. Section 179 of the US IRS Code qualifies the Rx-4 for deductions and also:

  • Improves cash flow: reducing tax liability and lowering the cost of new equipment makes it more affordable to invest in technology, which improves the work environment for staff and care for patients.
  • Offers investment incentives: a tax break is a motivator to modernize a facility, lab, office, or clinic, which can be a competitive advantage.

The Rx-4 is backed by a One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and a no questions asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Call 1-800-766-8311 or visit for more information.